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Monday, December 05, 2011

Day 5

Oh, hello. Good to see you. I am here for a super quick minute to say although my address has changed, my love for receiving Christmas cards has not. I use them as decoration in my home, so if you, and you know who you are, have yet to mail me a card, can you do it please. Call or text for my new address. Here is a clue as to our cards:


So, if you are thinking you don't live near me or aren't sure if I want to receive your Christmas greetings because we aren't as close as we once were, you are wrong. If you send me one, I will have your address. Then I can send you one of our cards. See?
Also, if you are thinking you have received a card from us in the past, so you are a shoe in for this year, you should know my address book did not make it in the move. Nor did my to-go coffee mug, my two Camelbak water bottles, my locket from my husband, or my stash of greeting cards for various occassions. There, now you have my Christmas list as well.


noel said...

I gave you my address right?

shontell said...

yup. Got it sister. I even got a call from Erica JONES!!! You know....MY friend.

Liz Dean said...

since I haven't taken my picture yet for have to send me yours first. ;)

noel said...

that's awesome, how are they doing in cali?
cali just sounds gangsta!

shontell said...

lol she said they are still in transition. She stalks around these parts. Erica, say hello to Noel!

Erica said...

Oh I finally got on! The stalker yes! ;) HI Noel! or should I say sup! Sac-town yo! ;)