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Friday, December 16, 2011

Day 16: aliens

Speaking of beef jerky, I don't believe in aliens. Not related topics? Well, I teach first graders all day. I was told relevance is irrelevant. Like when a teacher called me over in the middle of benchmark testing to say she ate a meatball off the staff treats table, but instead of eating it with her mouth, she rolled it down her sweatshirt. This further explained why she smelled of meatballs. I didn't smell them. I took her word for it. She is a hoot. I am so glad I was placed with her as to aide/ aid (I just can never remember) her in her classroom. It's like God knows. I need sarcasm in Costco proportions. Also, beef jerky.

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My Name is Noel Maria said...

LOL ok ADHD... oh no wait tis true working with lots o kids you can't finish a complete though ever! no time for that nonsense. so glad you have a kindred spirit at work.